How to Find and Rent Storage

Published on 1/28/2020
If you're trying to find a good place to store your stuff the process can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be!  Gone are the days where you have to drive all over town physically visiting several facilities in order to see what's available and compare.  

Today your best bet is using the internet to search for "storage units near me" or by typing in "self storage" with your city or town name after that.  Many facilities (including this one) have websites that show you unit costs, facility features, and pictures or videos of the units and facility so you don't have to visit in person to get a good feel of what they offer.  Most will have the ability to rent a unit and pay for it directly online, and many give the option to auto-pay your rent each month through your checking account or a card on file.  This is definitely the most convenient way to pay, so check for these features during your search!

There are several factors to consider when choosing a storage facility to rent from and which unit size is right for you, so read on to learn more.
  • Pricing - Finding a good price on a storage unit is usually at the top of people's minds when searching, and you'll find pricing varies quite a bit depending on the location of each facility and the size of their units.  In general, larger units are "cheaper" on a per square foot basis versus smaller units, so if you plan to keep your things in storage for several months or years and have lots of items to store, you may want to choose a larger unit to save some money over time.
  • Location - How close is it to where you live?  Is it easy to get to?  Would it be convenient to stop by there on the way to or from work?  What is the neighborhood and surrounding area like?  Have there been recent improvements to the facility and area?  These are questions you should answer when deciding on a location.  
  • Easy Access - In addition to a convenient location, is the facility itself easy to access when you need it?  Can you access your storage unit 24/7 or just during normal business hours?  Is the facility easy to navigate in and out once you're inside?  
  • Security -  Does the facility have a security fence and automated gate system around it?  Is there good exterior lighting at night?  Are there video cameras or other deterrents being used? 
  • Good Reviews Online - As with anything else you buy today, you want to check the reviews for the facility online and make sure there's no red flags before renting.  The most recent reviews will be your most relevant, but you also want to see how many reviews there are and how the facility responded to each one.  A good facility will have lots of good reviews, and even if there are lukewarm or negative reviews, the important thing is how the facility responds to them and handles the issue.
If you're ready to start looking and need a storage unit in Evansville, Indiana check out our available units and see if one is right for you!